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Another set of examples of STUDIO, I believe that this is going to be it for a while, they are super engaging, I need to keep on going with CLARA from NVIDIA. But I like this hobbies in my downtime.

Blender + Python

Here is my first result of a Python encounter within Blender. Personally I wish, I knew more about this 5 years ago while working on my AddOn for Autodesk. I was aware of Blender as an extraordinary tool, but I […]

Chorin Projection

Navier-Stokes equations are capable of emulating fluid behavior using complex partial differential equations where pressure, velocity, viscosity and other variables are taken into account. Chorin projections are one way of solving these PDEs numerically, I took a class back at […]

The Martin’s in Town

Our beautiful, incredible, and generous friends from California are back. We went to the Symphony, the beach, and play around the house. We have so much in common with young families, age, and our little problems and desires to have […]


Cayambe or Volcán Cayambe is a volcano in Ecuador, in the Cordillera Central, a range of the Ecuadorian Andes. It is located in Pichincha Province, some 70 km (43 mi) northeast of Quito. It is the third-highest mountain in Ecuador, at an elevation of 5,790 m (18,996 ft) above sea level. Cayambe, which […]


Rumiñahui (/ruːmiˈnjɑːwiː/ roo-mee-NYAH-wee, Kichwa Rumi stone, rock, ñawi eye, face,[1] “stone eye”, “stone face”, “rock eye” or “rock face”, Hispaniized spelling Rumiñahui, Spanish pronunciation: [rumiˈɲawi]) is a dormant, heavily eroded stratovolcano 4,721 meters (15,489 ft) above sea level. Situated in the Andes mountains 40 km south of Quito, Ecuador, it is overshadowed by its famous neighbor Cotopaxi.